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Cobby Cobbler Cobbling Cobbles

by on October 5, 2012

I was walking through town today when i noticed this horrible automaton in a cobblers window which had been fixed to knock a nail into a shoe he was holding with a hammer. It was weird to me because i’ve seen these lil guys in so many shoe shops and never really thought anything of them being there, but they’re actually quite commonplace as a little gimmick. Even though technology has advanced and those ageless faces are just not that appealing, they’re still kept front of shop as some kind of old-fashioned attraction. I really didn’t understand until i remembered the gorilla.

I hadn’t even thought about it, and to be honest even watching some of the crazy things thesImagee automatons did, eg. with the writer and the flutist, i wasn’t that impressed. New technologies have come and made us forget the old trickery of clockwork and look for something more amazing. However, when i saw this cobbler in town it reminded me of this gorilla automaton i used to love when i was little. I used to get excited about going to the shoe shop so i could sit and watch, for literally hours. It was only this small gorilla that held onto a bar above his head and then flipped himself round, but i just thought it was the most amazing and interesting thing. The rhythmic timing of his flips and the fact he did it so perfectly every time just fascinated me and compelled me to watch him. It was so cool.

Maybe it was because i was watching it with such a naive eye that i was so impressed but then perhaps the simplicity of such an age-old object is a refreshing break from new mechanical engineering’s complicated entertainment.

Simple pleasures 


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