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hello tester

by on October 12, 2012

we are here now, right?


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  1. ah416 permalink

    Im struggling to post on the blog could you briefly explain again please Kara.

    In the meantime anyway so I don’t forget I thought I’d leave my post here till I figure out how to actually blog. In the lecture today we were talking a lot about the terms of mimesis and the mimetic faculty, both of which are especially relevant to what I’m posting about.

    As we discussed the different films with these forms of mimesis and mimetic faculty in them, I was particularly drawn towards the film Artificial Intelligence which was touched upon briefly but which we didn’t discuss in detail.

    As in many of the films we were discussing it looked at the idea of technology advancing to such a stage that it could replicate what we perceive to be human (bordering on the uncanny valley but not quite there as you’ll see). The film follows the story of a child android called David who has the ability to love. Now immediately we question the possibility of this as we do with the android character David from Prometheus, (clearly a popular name amongst automaton) as it is clear that because robots, a.i., are an imitation of reality there is no way that emotions can be possible for a cyborg to experience; yet in both cases the mimesis of the mimetic faculty (the representation of the imitated reality) has become so real that it is hard to doubt whether this is in fact possible despite what we actually know to be scientifically possible. Anyway, going off on a tangent there…David from A.I. is a prototype of his kind and is tested on a family who works for the company that creates these android children. The family have a seriously ill son who eventually gets better but because David has become attached to the mother he becomes almost jealous of the actual human son which yet again raises the question of how the simulacra becomes almost too lifelike bordering on where it becomes feared as in the film.

    It is interesting that in the film David wants to become real, much the classic automata story of Pinnochio and his eventual transformation into a real boy and he believes that if he finds a way to do this he will be completely loved by ‘his’ mother. It almost inspires empathy in us as humans to feel for something which in reality is unable to feel emotion. It takes us back to the debate of how far technology will advance and where the human race will end up due to curiosity and the compulsive need to constantly advance and adapt. Anywho, don’t want to become too end of the world-like here but I just find this clip particularly interesting to observe how distraught David becomes when he is told his ‘mother’ is abandoning him. We find it difficult to distinguish clearly whether this is simulacra or mimetic faculty and whether it has got to a point where it reaches beyond both.


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