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Thoughts on our class 12/10/12

by on October 15, 2012

When we looked at the “Reborn Baby Dolls” stories in class, I was at first quite repulsed by the weird obsession with the attachment some people had to them. However, I reconsidered my opinion when I had thought about it from the point-of-view of the buyer. From the documentary it seemed that they are quite aware that the doll is an object, and is not real. Just like a child with a pretend baby, it is instead an adult owning a slightly more realistic looking doll. Like the selected YouTube clip we watched in class shows, the interviewed woman purchased ‘Sammy’ the doll to replace her real lost son, Samuel.

Don’t we all try to replace what we have lost, or don’t have? Sometimes a lack of love, for example, results in comfort eating to try and replace the feeling of emptiness. The doll was standing in for something special she had lost and could never perfectly replace. Perhaps I only thought that the Reborn dolls were strange because everyone else did. Certainly, I found it horrific watching the separate parts being baked and then pieced together, but actually I don’t think the finished dolls are either uncanny or distasteful.


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