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by on October 18, 2012

I cant remember what the name of the test was, but i found the idea of robots trying to prove themselves human against another human fascinating. While artificial intelligence apparently still has a way to go on that front; it has us beat hands down on games.

given the idea that a computer can run logic sequences that can counteract a humans every move, the evolution of computer gaming seems laughable. 
all that remains is for games to able to graphically reproduce the asphetics of reality …and it seems they’re close. But making these games more realistic isn’t always great. wrestling games (guilty pleasure) started great but then in an effort to become more realistic they introduced a stamina system that makes you exhausted after too much physically exertion. if i wanted tiredness i wouldn’t be mashing buttons with my thumb. 

but i guess without these advancements that challenges presented by games are limited. so how do games bypass the uncanny valley? i suppose the most obvious step is overcoming the distance between where the game starts and reality ends. and this in itself is the distance between player and game.

but then you always have the knowledge that what your playing isnt reality…UNLESS

and if this films prediction comes true that would be a horrible shame. because this film sucked. 

sorry for the amount of links…these people were better with words than me.





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