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Performing objects (pun intended)

by on October 21, 2012

I don’t even know where to begin on this one.

I think Robots are a great idea and I think that fear of developing technology is detrimental to our development as species. This however…I just…I don’t even… (If you need an incentive to click the link it’s a sexbot) 

So needless to say a man has made this. And while I know very little about Douglas Hines I’m going to go ahead and assume that his desire to create this has not stemmed from a Descartes-esq desire for the return of a dead relative. 

So “why?” you may ask…

Well Mr Hines has the answer

“Sex only goes so far, then you want to be able to talk to the person,” well yes Mr Hines well said, can’t think of any alternatives. Better to buy a Robot that can talk to you specifically about your interests: football, cars, films, you name it she’ll discuss it.  After all this isn’t just about sex. I mean, these robots have hearts (albeit powering a mechanical cooling system). 

Satisfactory I guess but then you may ask “surely everyone has different tastes in women?”

Yet again Doug has the answer “There is Wild Wendy, who is outgoing and adventurous, Frigid Farrah, who is reserved and S & M Susan, who is geared for more adventurous types.” I’m both worried and confused by the idea of Frigid Farrah. Reservation requires some degree of resistance but for a programmable robot that can’t independently move its limbs… well I’m stumped. Also the kind of person who has £5000 to spend on a sex robot and wants to program it to refuse sex is the kind of person who should be immediately imprisoned.     

So what will these Robot prostitutes set you back? Only a measly £5000 (even comes with a free laptop) I’m reliably informed their real life counterparts are slightly cheaper. But there conversation points may not interest you.

Upon showing this to my dear friend Cheski, she had this to say “This is crazy. Its fucking crazy and the sad thing is these people are geniuses” I think this sums up my feelings toward it quite nicely. This sort of thing is maybe the mildly amusing imaginings of a prepubescent kid day dreaming in science class. It should not actually exist. Evidently Mr Hines however can see no better use of his impressive programming and manufacturing skills. 

Apparently inspiration came from September the 11th. Interesting that the event that Baudrillard described as “he absolute event, the “mother” of events, the pure event which is the essence of all the events that never happened.” Provoked this response. Personally I never saw the images of the crumbling towers and thought about robot intercourse. But maybe that’s just me.

Just incase you were worried this was in anyway sexist, don’t worry, Rocky, the male alternative is in the works.

Here are some sex bots in action (excuse the pun) 

obviously if I was to pinpoint this one on the uncanny valley it would be deep down the valley. This isn’t down to any aesthetic reason though. These could be the most life like robots ever designed and it still wouldn’t alter the fact that sex is not an action that should be replaced by any degree of mimicry.

Now I’m wondering if prostitution of any type is mimicry, I wont begin this tangent today…I’m tired



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