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Some suggestions for things to blog about

by on October 31, 2012

Hello Everyone,

You asked me to suggest some things to blog about. Some of you have already picked up on these topics, but maybe having a list will be helpful:

1). Actor training: is rehearsing in some fundamental way mechanical? Are you a performing object or a performing human? (see Emma’s blog and Harry’s blog) 

2). Why are eyes so important in relationship to the uncanny? (See Tashi’s blog and Freud)

3). What is an experience that you have had that is uncanny? (ie. confusing a mannequin with a person or seeing your reflection but not recognising yourself). How would you define the uncanny?

4). What are some other plays, films, ballets that use the image of a female performing automaton like Olympia from The Sandman? What do you make of this consistent theme in performance?

Also, we’ll be watching Blade Runner in Seminar Room 1 on Tuesday 6 November from 1-4pm. It’s optional for you to attend, but I hope you will come and bring haribos and popcorn (or whatever you like to snack on while watching a film!)



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