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Nina Conti: Her Master’s Voice

by on November 4, 2012

This is going back a few weeks but after learning about the ‘reborns’ I had a discussion with a close friend who recommended a documentary called ‘Her Master’s Voice’. It’s a funny and emotional documentary about Nina Conti, a ventriloquist who’s mentor died and left her his puppets. She then travels to Kentucky, USA to donate one to a Puppet Graveyard/Museum and to attend the World Ventriloquist Convention. It all sounds very odd, especially as ventriloquism isn’t a particularly popular art-form, but I found this documentary so so moving and fascinating as she is incredibly talented but also relies on her puppets as ways of revealing aspects of her personality. Through conversations with her puppets she learns a lot about her life. The reason this related to ‘reborns’ was because, at the end (spoiler), one of her puppets tells her that she bought him the same week she had had a miscarriage, which she had never admitted to before. So this shows how she comforted herself with an inanimate object which she ‘gave life’ to.

It was fascinating how she brought life to these otherwise inanimate objects and the documentary is well worth a watch! I have a DVD copy if anyone would like to borrow it and the trailer for it is on this link:


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