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“Don’t hug me I’m scared”

by on November 7, 2012
For those who have seen this video or are about too, this shows a simple transition into the uncanny valley, the video starts into fooling you into a safety blanket of childhood innocence reminding us of shows from out childhood, it then completely freaks the hell out of you…
This transformation into something rather horrific and disturbing is mainly done through the music with a gradual tonal shift. It is not a sudden change and is submerging under the surface from the beginning; it is only when the cute animations are suddenly weirdly costumed humans and the happy music changes into screeching that we freak out. It is the fact the fourth wall is broken; the dancing humans shatter the imagery world (It is as if fantasy starts to bleed into reality….)
It is without a doubt the change to humans in costumes that catapults this video straight into the realms of the uncanny valley. And if that is not enough we have a visceral image of red body parts that completely destroys the innocence of the previous animation. All of this happens at an intense speed leaving the audience completely freaked and alienated!
Then suddenly we are taken straight back to the happy innocent world that was displayed to us before. As I watched this video I tried to work out the purpose… was it meant to be a comedy? But I believe that it is the stuff of nightmares and not something to relax and laugh along too…. All I can definitely say is that this video is incredibly strange and plunging head first into the uncanny valley.

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