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Class for 16 November

by on November 9, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I said I would post a link to Charlie Chaplin’s film Modern Times, which I’d like you to watch for next week’s class (16 November). There will be a screening in SR2 at 12:15 on Tuesday 6 November. 
The entire film is also on youtube if you can’t make the screening:

Here are some blog topics for the week:

Blog Topics:

1). Zombies: are they uncanny?

2). Why do we enjoy being frightened? 

3). Olympia from The Tales of Hoffmann or other ‘perfect’ female automata.

4). The notion of agency (see Jane Goodall)

Finally, I’d really like to know how things are coming along with your essay topics. Drop me an email if you’d like to come up with your own topic and we can arrange a time to meet. Or stop by my office, as I’m around most of the time. (Even if you’re doing one of the essay topics on the sheet I can give you suggestions for books to look at). I’ll also be happy to look at drafts of essay plans (not the actual essays but drafts of what you’d like to do).

best wishes,


Reading Questions for 16 November 

1). Why is agency an anxious topic?

2). How would you define agency?

3). What is the transfer of agency?

4). What is the Turing test?

5). Goddall discusses automaton clowns as well as humans playing clowns, writing ‘it becomes impossible to tell from which side of the fence the vogue for satin costumes and heels-down-toes-up choreography has been appropriated.” What does she mean here?

6). Who was Frederick Winslow Taylor and what is Taylorism?

7). How are the Tiller Girls representative of Taylorism?


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