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Excuse me…are you robot or human?

by on November 11, 2012

I have been thinking about “robots are not real” and it made me think about similar debates.

Some people say that fairies, angels and magic are not real. Some believe there is a God even though we cannot see Him for real, and some discard the idea of religion altogether. How do we know these things do not exist? Do we necessarily need palpable proof to make us believe something is true or real?

Although I do not think that robots are real, it is intriguing – and scary – to think that one day robots may appear so lifelike and human that we cannot tell the difference between the two. Like in the Freud article we read, it is uncanny when there is “doubt as to whether an apparently animate object really is alive and, conversely, whether a lifeless object might not perhaps be animate.”

My point is:  how do we know that a robot isn’t a person playing a robot, or a person we thought was real, isn’t in fact a robot?

Watching the film “Blade Runner” drew my attention to this further when the replicants were being hunted down and it was hard to tell the difference between those that were real humans, and those that were not.


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