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Gene Doping

by on November 26, 2012

As with all forms of design, I think there is usually a perfect end product that we are striving towards. What interests me is what this is for robotic creation. Blade runner shows us “replicants” that are visually identical to humanity. Is the end product to create synthetic life that perfectly imitates humanity? Are we aiming to play god and mimic creation? Or are we looking to excel our species. The replicants look human but are designed to their optimum. This is most prominent in Rutger Hauers portrayel of the UberMensch. A super solider, physically superior to the human race.

Needless to say we are some way from creating artificial life indistinguishable from ourselves, let alone excelling us. However we are finding other ways.

Our notions of aesthetical perfection are being perpetually reshaped by cosmetic surgery. Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs (although frowned upon) exist to enhance physical prowess. Most recently “Gene Doping” has come into fashion; an injection that triggers either muscle gain or an increase in oxygenated blood cells. This doesn’t enhance the athletes performance in a one off capacity, rather it alters the potential permanently, both to train and perform

further more experminenting with stem cell manipulation In Utero now gives us the possibility for Designer babies. This years Olympics was rife with rumours that China was genetically engineering children who would grow up to be adept swimmers. There lives predestined to excel in one capacity. An engineered performing object.

this doesn’t simpky apply to sports though. If genes can be doctored to enhance desirable facets or rule out “imperfection” then why wouldn’t you? Where does this take the human race?

Reminds me of this film, totally worth a watch


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