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What makes an object a performer?

by on November 30, 2012

Hi everyone. I found an article about using objects in performance to dramatically change the meaning of a performance.

In it, it features the question “But what about the object? Even though it doesn’t have a personality, does it still have the ability to perform or at least assist a performance?”

I started off by thinking that an object can be classed as performing if it inspires some sort of reaction from the audience, whether emotional or physical, but this seems like a very wide spectrum as any any object can inspire a reaction e.g. my sofa makes me feel comfortable.
Perhaps, in order for an object to perform, we have to interact with it? Or is it merely that there needs to be an audience watching the object to create a performance? If so, then statues and paintings also count as performing objects, despite being stationary.
I think the only verdict I can draw from this is that there is either no such thing as a performing object as only humans could perform, or almost anything can class as a performing object if placed in the right context. Perhaps this is something that we can debate further in class?


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