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Object relations

by on December 6, 2012

Object Relations

With reference to our discussion in class last week on object relations, I found it relevant to bring up games I used to play as a child which go by the same rules.

Object relations is the relationship you have with an object, or how you might feel about it. The Met Center online describe object relations “a set of theories which postulate that relationships, beginning with the mother-infant dyad, are primary, and that intrapsychic, interpersonal, and group experiences lay the foundation for the development of individual identity.”  In the same way, this was also the case when I played games as a child. When I played mums and dads, I had an invisible boy who was my son “Tom”. I also used to pretend lollipop sticks were cigarettes, and when I played Barbies, I invented poverty-stricken single parented families. I think the reason behind this was that it was so far from what my real-life reality was: there were no boys in my family, no-one I knew well smoked cigarettes, and I lived with both parents. It was a way of trying to understand other ways of life through rehearsing and playing.

In Kara’s presentation slide she said, “everyday objects perform when we become audience members to them”, and this is true of the afore mentioned games. The doll’s pram and dolly were just objects, but they became part of a performance, my performance, when I played with them.


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